Interesting Game

Well, I am currently watching this game and I am at about move 70. The thing is… I have watched many many Pro games and this is the first one I have ever seen that gets into the kind of ‘chase my tail’ wrapping serpents that I used to do when I was a 30-20 Kyu player. I am fascinated to see where this ends up and thought I would share the excitement with the rest of the group – Enjoy!


Robin Dews


  1. Amazing game. I really like Hane Naoki, although he didn’t get to display much of his calm and collected style in this particular game! He looked really worried around 22:00 – the most animated I’ve seen him, usually he’s like a stoic statue of calmness. Did you see that beautiful tesuji at 36:40? That meant he could play the lower left attachment with sente.

  2. Yes the tesuji was wonderful and I loved the fact that he then just walked away and played two more stones in sente – genius!

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