Maeda Tsumego Volume 1

This volume is the first in a three volume set, published in 1965, by tsumego author and 9-dan professional Maeda Nobuaki (1907-1975). The book consists of 225 problems which are suitable for players from 10-kyu to 4-kyu.

In addition to his tsumego collections, Maeda also penned three volumes of the Go Super Books series. This series of 50 books contains celebrated classics such as Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go (Kageyama), The Direction of Play (Kajiwara), and Appreciating Famous Games (Shuzo). None of Maeda’s volumes have been translated into English, and are likely to remain Japanese-only:

  • Introduction to Trick Plays (Volume 3)
  • The Next Skillful Move (Volume 13)
  • Easy Trick Plays (Volume 30)

The book consists of life and death problems. I especially like that the problems are inventive, realistic, and involve a tesuji. Often, the solution to a problem is a ko. The minimum amount of Japanese you will need to understand in order to read the problems and solutions are:

First (i.e. "to play")Sen
Life (i.e. "alive")Iki / Ikiru
Death (i.e. "dies")Shi

There is nothing bad I can say about this book, apart from the fact that you may find it difficult to find outside of Japan. The whole 3 volumes are available in a cardboard sleeve arrangement from Amazon Japan by searching for 前田詰碁集 (Maeda tsumego shu / Maeda tsumego collection), and here is one of the 10 kyu problems in the book I especially like.

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