My Top 10 Go YouTube Channels

(Update): It’s hard to believe I wrote this post over 2 years ago. How time flies! Well, a lot has gone on in the YouTube and Twitch world of Go since 2018. Korean professionals Yeonwoo Cho, Youngsung Yoon, there’s Baduk Doctor, cosmogo, Mikkgo (with Jeff, my former teacher), and a whole truck-load of other content creators, that leaves the list below pretty outdated! So, moral of the story, read it, but do yourself a favour and find all these people and more for yourself 🙂

(Original article): I think I should emphasise that these are my top 10 channels. That’s my top 10 channels. So don’t misunderstand – you will have your own list and that’s absolutely great. I encourage you to post yours in the comments box below!

Honourable Mentions

There are a few that did not quite make the top 10, but I still love their content.

LittleLamb Go

Very strong player from China who plays live games and does game reviews. Has a cute channel name.


Tall, charming and calm AGA high-dan player with occasional big hair, who is unfortunately not playing Go at the moment. Lots of really good games and astute, easy to follow comments. Please come back Peter!

My Top 10

The list proper: these are my top 10 Go YouTube channels.

10 Andrew Jackson

Strong player who is best known for his camaraderie with Myungwan Kim during their live Go events. Tells disastrous jokes – but we’ll forgive him for that, for the most part.

9 Go Commentary

Strong Chinese Go player who reviews historical games and also does technical videos. Used to charge for content but now is releasing it all on YouTube gradually for free. Kudos!

8 xhu98

Strong AGA player Stephen Hu who likes to invite guests on to the show and beat them at Go. He’s even visited the club and beaten us too!

7 Yunxuan Li

Another strong AGA circuit player and Redmond Cup finalist. Addresses to camera across a live board which is nice and refreshing.

6 Sunday Go Lessons

Jonathan Hop’s superstar channel is instructive, but it’s his translated Go videos from the NHK cup that gets everyone on the hype train.

5 Go Game Videos

An unknown but seemingly friendly face has been resolutely uploading NHK cup games spanning the last 35 years onto YouTube. A Herculean effort for sure.

4 Nick Sibicky

Guitar-playing, Go-playing clever person Nick Sibicky has been trying to control his classroom in order to teach us all about Go, and has been succeeding for the most part. Most instructive are his sandbagger series of videos.

3 dwyrin

The dwyrin has landed on YouTube playing all sorts of games (mostly Go) and teaching us how get good. Somewhat polarising. His Back to Basics series is quite essential viewing.

2 The Official AGA Youtube Channel

From Michael Redmond to Myungwan Kim to the American Go Congress, the AGA channel is essential. Really amazing effort and great content all round.

1 Haylee’s World of Go/Baduk

The doyenne of Go across the Internet is Hajin Lee, better known as Haylee, who is the strongest player streaming in English, and has over 100 games of the highest quality. Can’t you get all of your Myongji University pals to set up their own streams too??

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