Playing on FoxGo

FoxGo, or Fox Weiqi (foxwq.com) is probably the most recent Go server, and it is basically the equivalent of Tygem and WBaduk but tailored to a Chinese player base. The client has an English version, which feels a bit nicer and more up to date than the Tygem or WBaduk clients. The style of games are somewhere between the other Go servers; I would say that it is the most balanced in terms of game style out of all the Go servers. Of course, this is dependent on personal feeling; I find that KGS can be all over the place in terms of style – sometimes, games are very peaceful, and at other times, it’s all out war.

I recommend FoxGo to be the main place for your live games because it is always busy. As of writing, it is Sunday evening in China, and there are more than 12,000 people signed in to the server, and hundreds of games happening. You are guaranteed a game almost straight away.

In terms of strength, in the 5-10 kyu range, I find it about 1 grade weaker than KGS grades, and maybe 1 grade weaker than Tygem as well. However, I think it plays similarly to Tygem at 1-dan, which is probably equivalent to KGS 3-kyu.

Here is a fun game I played at FoxGo today. It is a bit difficult to put comments about specific moves in the comments box, but if you would like to comment, you can download the game from here and then send me a link to the SGF file, I’ll happily merge your comments into the game record below. EDIT Robin has kindly put some colourful comments on the SGF file so have a click through the game, they were definitely insightful. Thanks again Robin!



  1. That was a fun game Ashley. You both came out of the fuseki quite evenly, but after your invasion on the left and White’s uneven response it quickly turned in your favour. I have sent you a .sgf with more detailed comments via Messenger. See you later

    • Thanks Robin I’ve merged your comments in the game file! (You can now upload sgf files directly and link to the file using the [wgo][/wgo] tags instead of pasting the file contents inside. Just makes it a bit easier).

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