Robin vs. Changum on KGS

Robin plays a typically chaotic game on KGS Go Server against his unwitting opponent. It’s one of those games where you click through and around the second half of the game you start grinning inanely.

Robin Dews


  1. Actually, I have just reviewed this game and it was a very interesting struggle involving life and death on a large scale together with necessary short term sacrifices. Any comments welcome.

  2. This is a pretty crazy game Robin (I’d expect nothing less)!

    Moves 9 and 11: does this seem a bit over-concentrated? I’d have preferred to approach at F17 or D5.

    Move 19: Trying to move out to the centre. But the group doesn’t have a base yet. Maybe C8? Blocking seems good for White though. So… don’t know. I guess I feel like after Black 19, White can play H4, and the Black group still needs a base.

    Move 24: I don’t like the shoulder hit by White very much as it makes Black stronger. Maybe cap at L5 and then make shape at J6 is better for White?

    Move 40: Enormous corner for White.

    Move 46: Aji keshi. But getting the corner profit might be justified given Black is over concentrated.

    Move 50: Maybe the probe straight away at Q2 is good. I don’t like P9 much because it feels like it makes Black stronger.

    Move 53: Surprised you didn’t hane from the other side and try to capture White!

    Move 61: Clever. I like this move. I think White could maybe have done a bit better here?

    Move 79: Ha! Here’s where the fun starts. I’d have played hane on move 80. I feel that White standing up isn’t right. Maybe I’m wrong.

    Move 126: Shouldn’t White push again at L14? Black can’t hane because there is a ladder. Then White should be able to connect to the right side.

    I think around move 130 is when White starts following you around the board. I think the top is so huge that White could have seriously played tenuki on more than one occasion to clarify the situation. But that didn’t happen, and your fighting spirit ended up translating into huge Ko fights that ended up winning you the game. I’d like to know what Leela thought of some of these moves!!

  3. Thanks for the commentary Ash, it was a fun game and I was probably lucky to win it, but when I saw the cut at L13 (move 239) I knew that I could trade the Ko on the left for either his centre or top groups 🙂

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