Tsumego of the Week

List of weekly problems to review at the club. Problems will usually be posted on Saturday for review the following Tuesday. Each week a new type of problem will be posted in rotation. Week 1: whole-board / strategic; week 2: life and death; week 3: tesuji / shape; week 4: endgame.

Tsumego 5: 31/03/2018

It’s week 5, and here are two interesting strategic problems. Spend some time on each problem and consider as many options as you can. The problems are a little tricky, so you can treat them as examples and not spend too long on them as you would do with an ordinary tsumego. Come to the club on Tuesday to see whether your preferred answer matched the correct solutions.

Problem 1

After White hanes with 1 and connects with 3, Black is in some difficulty. Due to White’s △ cutting stone, neither of Black’s groups on the top or the left are settled. How does Black manage these 2 groups without damaging them nor strengthening the △ stone?

Problem 2

Earlier in the game, Black played the two-space high pincer joseki against White’s approach at the top right. Now, White has just played the △ stone, putting pressure on Black’s group, and moving out towards the centre. This move is recently seen as a little slack due to Black’s well-timed answer. What is it?

Tsumego 4: 24/03/2018

This was supposed to be endgame week, but we’re having another life and death week. Endgame week might return in the future 🙂

Black to play in all problems. Find the best result. This could be: Black lives, or kills White, or creates a ko, or creates a seki.


Tsumego 3: 17/03/2018

Tesuji are techniques, such as cutting and connecting, capturing stones, making and breaking eyes, making good shape, and so on.

Suji in Japanese has different meanings: a line on the palm, a fiber in a plant or muscle, a family bloodline, or a plot (in a play); the analogous definition in Go we can interpret as “the way forward for our stones”. So, we can think of TEchnique and SUJI meaning “techniques for the correct line of play”.

Black to play in all problems (A-D).

A: Link up.
Capture the marked stones.
Exploit White’s thinness.
Win the capturing race.

Tsumego 2: 10/03/2018

Black to play in all problems (A-D).

A: Black just played the marked stone but White ignored it. How should Black play?
B: Should Black expand the eye shape or the eye space?
C: White’s stones look full of eye potential but Black can destroy their shape.
D: Here is a position that might come up in your games. Where is the vital point for Black?


Tsumego 1: 03/03/2018

This frequently occurs in real games. Unfortunately many players do not know the correct response. What is the best way for Black to handle this situation?